​​Yaakov A Wolstein's upbringing in different

countries has undoubtedly influenced his work

as a creator, bringing a unique perspective

to his visual art. His experience in mastering

photography, video, and film at the

Ontario College of Art, and his work with notable

clients such as Fox, Paramount, and MGM

have solidified his place in the creative industry.

Collaborating with renowned directors like David Cronenberg,

Damian Harris, and Paul Michael Glaser has also added

to his experience and knowledge.

Taking a leave of absence (1992) from the creative world to

focus on business and family allowed Yaakov to develop

his skills as an entrepreneur and a leader. His return to 

the creative world in 2018 with a fresh perspective and

a wealth of experience is a testament to his passion

for visual art. Yaakov's commitment to giving back to

his community through charitable organizations is admirable, 

showcasing his compassion and dedication to making a positive impact.

His diverse background, entrepreneurial spirit, and collaboration with others make him a valuable member of the creative industry, creating memorable and impactful visual experiences for audiences.